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Overcoming the suicidal thoughts and feelings

I have mentioned it 1,000 times already but depression can lead some people into taking their own lives. If you have ever experienced suicidal thoughts I bet there are many things that stopped you dead in your tracks. It is well known that some people commit suicide because they have lost a loved one. You may feel you need to be with them but what about the people you are leaving behind wife/husband, mother/father, brothers and sisters, children and friends.


Depressed?Do you often wonder how it would affect them? Would you think to yourself they have already lost one loved one how would they cope with losing another? They probably wouldn’t cope that well and could end up with depression themselves. Think if you have children and you left them behind they would probably be extremely mad that you left them. How do you think a poor parent could cope with burying their own child chances are they won’t what you have is depression and by ending your life you are likely to cause depression in other people to so the best way to nip it in the bud is to get help.


There are many suicidal help lines that are there 24/7 for people who feel they can no longer go on. Suicide happens when there is no one there for a depressed person to talk to so if you suspect anyone you know of being depressed try and help them, get them to open up and save them from ending their lives.


Helping yourself
Depression affects many people mentally emotionally and physically and can often feel as though its controlling you. The last thing you want to do is pretend that there is nothing wrong it is physically draining the sooner you get help the easier it gets. Many people who suffer from depression just feel as though they’ve had enough and can’t take no more and sometimes person ends it  all by committing suicide I have here some do’s and don’ts of depression if you stick to the list you are helping yourself overcome depression and not solely relying on medications for help.

It is essential that you the person suffering from depression tries and helps themselves as no one knows exactly what you are feeling and why and it’s up to you weather you want to let them  into your world but believe me it helps to talk talking about things can honestly help you overcome depression. It’s important if you’ve lost a loved one to remember the happy times and not the sad times death is just the circle of life and unfortunately it affects many people. If you have recently had a relationship breakdown and you are left with the kids the house the debts then don’t make the situation worse by sinking deeper into depression don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have financial problems and you are getting deeper into debt speak to the people you owe money to or even get some advice on debt or join a debt consolidation company they help you as best they can be truthful about all of your debts and they will put them onto one account and you pay them off with an affordable monthly payment. If you don’t get help then you are likely to sink deeper into the world of depression.

Here are some ways to help you feel better.

Remember depression and suicidal thoughts are mental disorders but they are treatable, it is important you seek medical help if you have any of the symptoms we have mentioned previously. It is important you take action at the first signs of depression to prevent it from becoming worse. If you suspect a child is depressed then go to the local doctor and express your concerns being diagnosed at the earliest possible time helps greatly with getting over depression especially in children. Depression is a real illness and does need treatment so don’t be worried or afraid of what the doctor or other people might say it’s your health that important so do your best to get diagnosed correctly.